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Number One in Japan
Well this is a turn up for the books the Banks & Wag track Dance Stars is currently number 1 in Japan after being used in a hugely successful Japanese drama Mr Hiragi's homeroom. Such is the success of the track there is currently a viral craze for the dance which the characters do to the track to be attempted by just about everyone in Japan. E...


Social Media
 Did you know you can follow us on Social Media?  Feel free to follow us on  Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Just look for JW Media Music - Boom! We are music publishers, we are creatives....


JW2269 Classical Pop
Look we made an animation for the Classical Pop album.  Composer Stephanie Taylor has made an album perfect for current broadcasting trends and ideal to get your creative juices flowing. Animation by a new student animator who  has done a mighty fine job for us. Thanks Alex! ...


9 Nominations in the PMA UK
Super pleased to say we have 9 nominations in the UK Production Music Awards. We represent some great libraries and record some great music and have some great synchs so the recognition is amazing.  Independent music is always the answer. The full list of can be found here:


NAB Roundup
We have now been back for a few weeks from NAB in Las Vegas, and what a week it was. We met so many of our fabulous sub publishers around the globe and talked to some great libraries to potentially represent here in the UK. Not least we got to enjoy some sunshine whilst we talked business with our global agents. We have come away with lots of ...


New composers to the JW library
Happy New year,or is it too late in the month to say that? Either way we love this album of delights from Schrodingers Strings to kick start 2018 into being the year when production music gets even better! So if you are bored of the usual acoustic guitar backdrop to your projects then this is the beauty for you. Unobtrusive but melodic, rhythm and ...


We are super thrilled to shout from the rooftops that we have won the 2017 Library Music Awards for Best Newcomer. Tim Benjamin is a highly talented composer and musician and wrote his first production music albums for us here at JW Media Music with JW2246 - Cinematic Piano and JW2255 - The Forgotten. We loved working with Tim on these tw...
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